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Olde Pine Volleyball

Fall 2001 Rules of Play: 

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USAV Coed Rules:  The league will continue to use USAV Coed Volleyball Rules of play.  Check out USA Volleyball Rules Book Online for downloadable rules books. 

 Modifications to USAV Rules:

1.                  A regular season match will consist of the best 2 out of 3 games.  The third game will be played regardless of the outcome of games 1 and 2.  Standings will be determined in the following order:  (1) match wins; (2) total game wins; (3) head to head results between teams otherwise tied for position.  If the third game of the match has not started by 7:45 p.m. for the first match; 9:00 p.m. for the second match; 10:00 for the third match, then the third game will be won by the first team to score 15 points, rally scoring, no cap.

2.                  Warm-ups.  Warm-ups start at the scheduled match time.  Ball handling/stretching (no hitting across net) 1st 4 minutes; Shared Court hitting (NO CROSS COURT HITTING) 2nd four minutes; Serving 1 minute.  If the referee is unavailable to time/supervise warm-ups, it is the playing captains responsibility to time the warm-ups.

3.                  Timeouts.  30 seconds unless BOTH teams and the official are ready to resume play.

4.                  Time between games.  Three (3) minutes.  May start earlier if both teams and the official agree.


5.                  Teams consist of six (6) players. 

6.                  Teams may not have more than four (4) male players on the court. 

7.                  A team may not play with less than 5 players.

8.                  After a team has six legal players in a game, a legal player may enter a game only if (s) he was present at the start of the game.

9.                  A team MUST have 1 female player on the court.  The opposing team will start every game with 6 points when a team has only 1 female player.  Teams with two women will not be assessed any penalty.  Playoff teams MUST have 2 (or more) female players, and may pick up additional players from teams who do not qualify for playoffs.  (10/1/01)

10.             Players may play in only 1 rotation position per game, but have unlimited entries and total substitutions.

11.             Teams may rotate up to eight players in a game, (up to 2 players rotate out).  This rule cannot be used to affect the male/female composition of the starting team.

12.             Teams must complete a roster at the first week of play.  Captains must alert the Match official of any roster changes.  Teams may not have more than 12 different players during the regular season.

13.             A player may not play for more than one (1) team on any night, after the first TWO (2) weeks of play.

14.             Except as provided below for playoffs, a player may not switch teams after the third (3rd) week of play.


15.         A team forfeits a game if it does not have a legal team, ready to play, at the conclusion of the ten (10) minute warm-up period, (i.e. 6:55 p.m., 8:10 p.m., 9:25 p.m.).  A team forfeits the second game five (5) minute intervals thereafter.  All scheduled games are forfeited twenty (20) minutes after the scheduled match time.  A double forfeit occurs when neither scheduled team is ready to play at the conclusion of the ten (10) minute warm-up.  The scheduled official is not required to officiate an unsanctioned match.


16.             To be eligible for playoffs a player must have been present for at least one-half 1/2 of the regular season matches.

17.             A player is present when (s)he is in the gym during at least one (1) full game during a scheduled match.  The player need not play to be credited with attendance.

18.             "Wild Card player".  If necessary to field a legal team during playoffs, a team may acquire a player (male or female) from any player on the roster of another team that participated in the Spring 2001 season.  The wild card may ONLY be acquired from a team that did NOT qualify for any playoffs, i.e. the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th place teams.  The team can also pick up any female player who has not participated during the Spring 2001 season.

19.             The top eight (8) teams will advance to playoffs. 

20.             Quarterfinal playoffs will be best 2 of 3 games.  The deciding game, if played, will be a 15-point game per USAV rules.

21.             Semi Final and Final matches will be best 3 of 5 matches.  The deciding game, if played, will be a 15-point game per USAV rules.  The Championship Final is played on the center court, unless both teams agree to play on one of the regular season courts.


22.             Ball handling rules have NOT changed.  ALL FIRST CONTACTS will be liberally allowed, regardless of whether the ball is tipped, hard driven or deflected by a blocker.  A first contact will be a playing fault ONLY if the ball is caught or thrown, or a player makes two separate attempts to contact the ball.  All ball-handling determinations are within the discretion of the referee.  Players should expect only that the official would exercise discretion CONSISTENTLY during the match.  The level of play allowed (calling "loose" or "tight") is determined on a match-to-match basis, and is typically exercised at the level of play of the best team in the match.

23.             All jewelry is a safety hazard to both the wearer and the other player and is prohibited (except a flat wedding band).  There is no secure place in the facility to store jewelry, so players should not bring jewelry to the match.

24.             Whining or complaining about a call or non-call by a player or official (Official calls or honor calls) is Unsportsmanlike conduct and will not result in a change of the call. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a sanction by the official.  If you have a question about a rule or application of a rule, the team captain should politely inquire from the official. 

25.             It is the Match Official(s) job to call the game.  The official will NOT ask a player to make an honor call, line call or admit a playing fault.  Likewise, the Match Official(s) may accept or reject any honor call by a player if, in the officials experience, judgment and observation, the call is clearly erroneous.  Sportsmanlike conduct and fair play are the spirit of the game and this league, but it is up to individual players to decide how they will conduct themselves beyond the written Rules.


26.             The league fee will be $_______ for the season, based on 12 teams.  If fewer teams enter, the amount may differ.

27.             Referee fees are paid in equal shares by both teams, payable at the time of the pre-match coin toss.

 i.         For three games, or best of three playoffs, each team will pay $15.00 per match.

ii.       For Best of Five matches, each team will pay $22.00 per match.

iii.   If two paid officials are used in the best of five playoffs, each team will pay $25.00 per match.

28.             Any team forfeiting 2 games of a 3 game match, or 3 games of a 5 game match will pay the entire referee fee for the match.

29.             To implement this rule, teams will post, in cash, one total match fee ($30/$45) with DEAN.  If a team forfeits a match, the fee will be used to pay the official, and the team may not compete in their next match until the forfeit fee is replenished. 

30.             Any unused forfeit fee at the end of the team's season may be used to pay the final match fee, and any remaining unused portion will be refunded after the team's final match.